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Political Bowl Season began in January of 2012, when I was inspired to blend politics and football as a creative exercise. There's a passionate fandom present in both arenas, and President Obama's 2008 campaign set a new bar for how campaigns develop and promote their visual brand -- something professional sports has been doing seemingly forever. I've always found there to be a pageantry to football, and now that can be found prominently in presidential election cycles.

I designed helmet logos and created stickers for six different campaigns in the 2012 cycle (five Republican primary candidates and Obama). That fall, I was invited to be the featured artist at the FotoFest International booth at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, and I pitched the idea of an interactive Political Bowl Season. Art fair patrons were able to "cheer" on the candidate of their choice using the web-based platform I designed.

Fast forward four years, where my goal was to take the 2016 edition of PBS fully online. And here we are. Wherever you may be in the world, you can cheer Team Hillary and Team Trump in the days leading up to the election.

I hope you enjoy any distraction this site may provide for you. It's meant to be fun.

Just be sure to vote – for real! – on November 8th.

Political Bowl Season, by Brian Piana
Please send questions or comments to bpiana at gmail dot com.